Borus Redrum

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Borus Redrum
Star of Destiny Chimou Star
Borus Redrum (Suikoden III).png
Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 25 (Suikoden III)
Birth Year SY 451
Height 171cm (5'7") (Suikoden III)
From Zexen Federation

Borus Redrum (ボルス・レッドラム, Borusu Reddoramu) is a supporting character in Suikoden III. Borus is one of the Six Mighty Zexen Knights.


Borus' profile
“ A member of the six renowned Zexen Knights. He is unrivaled with his sword handling techniques and is known as the "Swordsman of Rage". ”

Borus is one of the Six Mighty Knights, the most renowned of the Zexen Knights. He was raised by proud parents in a prominent Zexen family that has produced many fine Zexen Knights but seems to become angry whenever this is brought up. As such, he had apprenticed in the knights from an early age. He is said to be the best swordsman out of the entire Zexen Knights but is also said to lack composure. His temperament has led to him being known as the "Swordsman of Rage." Nevertheless, he is extremely loyal.

He is friends with Percival Fraulein. Though the two graduated at the same time, they were initially assigned to different companies and so did not have much contact. It is only after they both became two of the Six Mighty Knights that they got to know each other. They were initially rivals but eventually forged a bond as comrades.

During the Zexen attack on the Karaya Village at the outset of the War of the Champions, Borus slew a number of women and children. The massacre cast a dark shadow across his mind. Of course, Borus did not fight with the intention of slaughtering innocents but even he could not deny that he had been caught up in his anger, bringing out his brutality. Since then, he struggled to forgive himself, even for a moment. His pride as a knight also got in the way of his acceptance of what had happened.

Borus has harboured strong feelings towards Chris for quite some time. This has led him to become easily flustered and enraged should he be mocked for it. As the knights made their way through the Ceremonial Site for the final battle with Luc, he requested to be expelled from the Zexen Knights. He was aware that his guilt would not be removed by expulsion but was unwilling to let the incident lie. Chris Lightfellow refused and requested that they continue to fight together. Moved, Borus would swear allegiance to Chris once again. By acknowledging his callowness, Borus had finally begun to mature as a knight.

Borus' personality clashed somewhat with the more laid-back members of Budehuc Castle. The castle staff did not like him, especially Juan. Borus however paid little attention to them and followed Chris everywhere she went. Suspicious of just about everyone, Borus immediately let Chris know that Kathy was showing an interest in her horse.

Following the war, Borus continued to serve the Zexen Knights and Lady Chris. His cavalry would act as the vanguard in many border disputes between Zexen and the Tinto Republic.


  • Borus' weapon upgrades as Eins, Zwei, Drei. German for One, Two, Three.
  • Borus does generally well in all Melee skills, he also acquires the Heavy Damage unique skill.
  • Borus participates in the Knight A attack with Percival when they are not mounted. He can also participate in the Knight B attack with Chris and Percival or Leo. This only works when the party are mounted on horses.
  • Borus has a suggestion box letter that only occurs if Hugo is selected as Flame Champion and Chris acts in a play, talk about specific.
  • Borus' hobby is wine-collecting.
  • Borus first name is likely a reference to Bors (ボールス), one of the Knights of the round table. Their Japanese names only slightly differ. His last name is murder read backwards, probably referencing the Stephen King novel The Shining.


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