Blue Drop Rune

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Blue Drop Rune
青いしずくの紋章 Aoi Shizuku no Monshō
Type Attack rune

The Blue Drop Rune (青いしずくの紋章, Aoi Shizuku no Monshō) is a rune which appears in Suikoden II.


A unique rune borne by both Rulodia and Abizboah. It grants the Blue Drop water-element attack which upgrades (single, horizontal row, whole) as the magic level of the bearer grows.

Unfortunately, using the rune causes the bearer to become Unbalanced.


Blue Drop Rune (青いしずくの紋章, Aoi Shizuku no Monshō)

1 Blue Drop
x1.5 water damage to 1 enemy. User becomes Unbalanced.
2 Blue Drop
x1 water damage to 1 enemy row. User becomes Unbalanced.
3 Blue Drop
x1 water damage to all enemies. User becomes Unbalanced.
Cost 0 Potch
Drops No enemy drops this rune.
Equipped No character comes equipped with this rune.
Found Abizboah (equipped)
Rulodia (equipped)
Sold No store in-game sells this rune.


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