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The Blinking Mirror (瞬きの手鏡, Mabataki no Tekagami, Blinking Hand Mirror) is a recurring item in the Suikoden series. The mirror has the power to return the user to their home base under most conditions.


When the Toran Liberation Army recruited Hellion in Teien, she gave him the Blinking Mirror[1]. A larger mirror appeared at Toran Castle with Hellion's recruitment, showing a connection between the two mirrors. The Blinking Mirror itself looked like a small hand mirror.


Effect Buy Sell Notes
Return to base N/A N/A --
Item Locations
Optional event Recruit Hellion in Teien.


  • As the Blinking Mirror is not a key item in the first Suikoden game, be careful not to drop it accidentally. If you do, it's gone forever. Also be careful not to give it to Gremio when you're in Soniere Prison, Pahn before his duel with Teo or Viktor before the battle with Neclord or else you'll be doing a lot of walking. In fact, because some characters can also die in war battles, your best bet is to just keep the mirror on yourself.


  1. "If you use this mirror, "Blinking Mirror" that's in here, you can always return to your home base." - Hellion (Suikoden)