Black Dragon Group

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The Black Dragon Group (黒竜料理会, Kokuryū Ryōri Kai Black Dragon Cooking Group) is an organization in Suikoden II.


The Black Dragon Group was a cooking society. Hai Yo was once a member of the organization but the group gradually corrupted as they lusted after the ultimate Moon Bird Recipe in order to control the hearts of those they were supposed to serve. Shun Min would steal the recipe and pass it on to Hai Yo, urging him to flee.

After Hai Yo established himself at the New State Army Headquarters, the Black Dragon Group sent several cooks to duel him in an attempt to recapture the recipe. Following the defeat of Grand Wazoo Jinkai, however, the group regained their pride in cooking and the Dragon Plan was abandoned.


  • The Kokuryūkai (黒龍会, Black Dragon Society), also known as the Amur River Society was a paramilitary, ultranationalist group in the Japanese Empire which was active in the first half of the 20th century.
  • The "Four Lords" of the organization each take on a persona using the Japanese name of a god among the Four Symbols (constellations) found among the mythologies of many Asian countries which represent directions and seasons. Seiryu (East, Spring) is used for Hai Yo. Suzaku (South, Summer) is used for Gyokuran. Byakko (West, Autumn) is used for Retso. Genbu (North, Winter) is used for Jinkai.
  • Other known members of this group are Shiki, Ryuki, Ryuko, and Bashok. Bashok is the only one of these to not take his own life after losing.