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Gender Male
Race Dragon
From Dragon's Den

Black (ブラック, Burakku) is a supporting character in Suikoden. Black is the partner of Futch.



“ Black was such a good dragon. Such a good one. ”

Black is the mount of Futch and a dragon of the Knights of the Dragon's Den. Black accompanied Futch on his mission to speedily escort members of the Imperial Guard to Magician's Island.

Later during the Gate Rune War, the dragons of the Dragon Knights were afflicted by a sleeping poison put on them by Windy, Black and Thrash were the only dragons that were unaffected. Futch and Black rushed to Gregminster Palace in order to find the Black dragon orchid in the Floating Garden. After Black and Futch retrieved the black dragon orchid, Windy arrived, and, as the two attempted to flee, Windy struck them with a bolt of magic. By the time the two were retrieved by members of the Toran Liberation Army, Black had already passed on.

Even after his death, Black helped the Dragon Knights. Liukan used Black's liver as the final ingredient to make an antidote for the dragons of the Dragon's Den. Futch mourned Black's loss the most and it would take Futch a great deal of time to get over Black's death.


  • The sound sample used for Black's roars in Suikoden is the cry of an elephant.


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