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Beavers (ビーバー, Bībā) are a race in the Suikoden series. Several beaver characters have appeared in Suikoden V.


Beavers are a diminutive race, known for their excellent civil engineering and construction abilities. Their average life span is quite short, said to be around 30 years. Physically, they are notable for their round eyes and two protruding front teeth and are able to swim with great skill and ease, making them excel in naval warfare.

Socially, they are a very conservative, peaceful tribe and do not create weapons like swords or spears. Even when they do fight, they wield their engineering tools, such as mallets. Their building prowess is sometimes exploited by humans for military purposes however. They were previous forced in Falena to construct Hatred Fortress.

During the Sun Rune War, the racist Godwin Faction attempted to wipe out the beaver population by setting fire to their settlement at Beaver Lodge. Saved by the Imperial City Recapture Army, the beaver population would align with the rebel forces for the remainder of the war, using their talents and experience to help bring down Hatred Fortress, wanting to do their part to restore a peaceful country.


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