Battle of Rockaxe

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Battle of Rockaxe
Part of the Dunan Unification War
Battle of Rockaxe.png
Layout of the Battle of Rockaxe
Date 460
Location Matilda Knightdom, City-State of Jowston
Result New State victory
Highland withdrawal from Matilda
New State Army:
New State Army
Highland Kingdom:
Highland Army
Matilda Knights
Commanders and leaders
1. New State Army Leader
2. Reinforcements
3. Reinforcements
1. King Jowy
2. Seed
3. Yuber
4. Culgan
1. Gorudo
New State Army: 25,000 approx. Highland Army: 55,000 approx.
Casualties and losses
Unknown Unknown

The Battle of Rockaxe (ロックアックス攻防戦, Rokkuakkusu Kōbōsen) was a major battle of the Dunan Unification War. It was fought between the New State Army and the Highland Royal Army.


During the defeat of the New State Army in the Second Battle of Muse City, the Highland Army exploited the situation by invading and annexing the Matilda Knightdom. This battle pitted the 25,000 soldiers of the New State Army against the 55,000 strong Highland Army.

With the Highland Army holding the advantage, Shu attempted to decrease the Highland advantage by ordering General Kiba to attack eastern Muse Principality while the majority of the New State Army would march on Rockaxe.

Although General Kiba would be killed in eastern Muse, fighting with the army of Leon Silverberg, this would allow the New State Army to capture Rockaxe Castle and burn the Highland flag, affecting the morale of the Highland Army and allowing the New State Army to declare victory in the battle.


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