Battle of L'Renouille

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Battle of L'Renouille
Part of the Dunan Unification War
Battle of L'Renouille.png
Layout of the Battle of L'Renouille
Date 460
Location Muse Principality, City-State of Jowston
Result New State victory
Highland withdrawal from the City-State of Jowston
New State Army:
New State Army
Highland Kingdom:
Highland Army
Commanders and leaders
1. Shu
2. Viktor
1. Seed
2. Leon Silverberg
3. Culgan
New State Army: Minimal Highland Army: Unknown
Casualties and losses
Unknown Heavy

The Battle of L'Renouille (ルルノイエ攻略戦, Rurunoie Kōryaku Sen) was a major battle of the Dunan Unification War. It was fought between the New State Army and the Highland Royal Army.


Taking place during the late Dunan Unification War, the New State Army buoyed from its victory at the Battle of Rockaxe, planned to march on the Highland capital of L'Renouille before the Highland Army could regain its composure. The Highland strategist Leon Silverberg anticipated this move and engaged the New State Army outside of Muse City.

During the battle, Shu and Viktor disengaged from the New State Army and engaged Leon Silverberg directly. Leading the forces of Leon into a forest, Shu unleashed an unprecedented fire attack, wiping out a great amount of Leon's troops. Although Leon himself survived the battle, the fire strategy allowed the New State Army to win and open the route to Highland.


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