Battle at Fortress of Garan

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The Battle at Fortress of Garan (ガラン城塞攻略, Garan Jōsai Kōryaku, Garan Fortress Capture) was the second major battle of the Gate Rune War. It was fought between the Toran Liberation Army and the Scarlet Moon Imperial Army.

After the destruction of the old Liberation Army base in Lenankamp, a crackdown on rebel activities occurred in Kunan, the domain of Milich Oppenheimer. After allying with the remnants of the old Liberation Army, led by Flik, Mathiu Silverberg judged that the Liberation Army now had enough manpower to break through the Fortress of Garan, gateway to the region, with the eventual goal being the freeing of all captured rebels.

Coming off an impressive victory over Kwanda Rosman at the Battle at Pannu Yakuta Castle, the united troops manage to take the fortress. But the flush of victory caused the overeager Flik to strike at the heart of Kunan without first engaging in reconnaissance immediately after the battle, resulting in the disastrous First Battle at Scarleticia Castle.


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