Battle at Floating Fortress Shasarazade

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The Battle at Floating Fortress Shasarazade (水上砦シャサラザード突破, Suijiyo Toride Shasarazādo Toppa) was the penultimate battle of the Gate Rune War. It was fought between the Toran Liberation Army and the Scarlet Moon Imperial Army.


With rebel forces around the Scarlet Moon Empire now united, all that remained was the Imperial capital of Gregminster. Two options presented themselves; to strike the Fortress of Kwaba or attack the Floating Fortress of Shasarazade, both gateways to Gregminster. Mathiu Silverberg made the decision to attack Shasarazade, precisely because the Liberation Army appeared to not have the ships to do so.

Mathiu used dragon's breath to freeze water, creating 500 ice ships, allowing the Liberation Army to sail to Shasarazade where the battle commenced. The Imperial troops, led by General Sonya Shulen were eventually defeated, despite Sonya's determination to win in order to avenge the death of Teo McDohl, and Shasarazade was razed. However, the battle was not a complete victory. Sanchez revealed himself to be an Imperial spy, stabbing Mathiu and setting the fortress aflame while officers were still inside.


  • If you take the maximum 18,710 troops to Shasarazade, that works out at between 37-38 troops on each of the 500 ships prepared by Mathiu.


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