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Star of Destiny Chitou Star
Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 23 (Suikoden III)
Birth Year SY 453
Height 176cm (5'9") (Suikoden III)
From Iksay Village, Zexen Federation

Barts (バーツ, Bātsu) is a supporting character in Suikoden III. Barts is a handsome farmer working in the fields of Iksay Village.


Barts' profile
“ A young man who dearly loves to farm. Down-to-earth, but misunderstood often by his looks.”

Barts is a young man who deeply loves the farming life. His handsome face tends to make people think of him as irresponsible but, really, he is an unassuming, down-to-earth sort of guy.

His life long passion is in farm work, his speciality being in cultivating tomatoes. He talks to his tomatoes to encourage their growth. He works from early in the morning until sunset every day. His only rest days are when it rains heavily, he does not observe any holidays.

After his fields outside Iksay Village were destroyed in a Grassland attack during the War of the Champions, he decided to cooperate with the Fire Bringer, bringing his considerable agricultural talents to Budehuc Castle. Once the war ended, he returned to Iksay, tilling the fields as always, content.


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