Bahram Luger

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Bahram Luger
Bahram Luger.png
Illustration Kizaki Sub-Zero
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 51 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 398
From Queendom of Falena
Voice Yamagishi Isao (Suikoden V)

Bahram Luger (バフラム・ルーガー, Bafuramu Rūgā) is an antagonist in Suikoden V. Bahram Luger is the Admiral of Falena's Royal Navy and a loyal member of the Godwin Faction.


Bahram Luger was the stern, conscientious Admiral of the Queendom of Falena's Royal Navy. He was a reliable, calm commander who received commendations from Raja, leading to his appointment. Bahram had served under Raja during the Armes Invasion and at first felt that she, being the daughter of a fisherman, was below him, until he saw her in action. After that, he served loyally and the two formed a close bond, leading to Luger succeeding Raja when the latter retired following the invasion.

Following the Queen's Assassination and the outbreak of the Sun Rune War, Luger supported the Godwin Faction, believing that greater cultural homogeneity as well as the proper utilisation of the Sun Rune could only bring further prosperity and stability to Falena. Luger's fleet was sent to bring Raftfleet under complete control, rather than leaving it as the autonomous collection of ships it was. However, Lucretia Merces managed to use her knowledge of the Feitas River, and the debris underneath the waters, to ground most of Luger's fleet, forcing him to order a retreat.

Later during the war, Luger served under Queen's Knight Childerich as the Godwin faction pushed back against the Imperial City Recapture Army, reclaiming lost territories such as Doraat. Completely disgusted by Childerich's methods, Bahram did his best to stomach them as the Godwin Army seemed to be making progress. But once their reclaimed territories began falling, Bahram let the new Queen's Knight know of his disdain for his methods and derided his own stupidity in allowing the situation to happen in the first place, denouncing him as a maniac and a fool. Childerich retorted by suggesting that Bahram was, in fact, a traitor and that he was the reason Doraat was falling around them. Bahram vowed to prove him wrong, aiming to break the Raftfleet blockade to allow Dilber Novum and Childerich to escape to Stormfist.

Steering his flagship, the Kulsasper, into the Dahak, Bahram boarded the vessel to buy some time, engaging in combat with the Prince, his allies and Raja. He was eventually defeated and fell in that battle, dying with a smile on his face, satisified at a job well done and content with the respect of his former admiral and former friend.


  • Bahram (or Vahram), in Avestan Verethragna, is a divinity of Zoroastrianism, representing victory. It is also a name meaning "smiting of resistance" or "victorious" in Persian. Several Kings of the Sassanid Empire also held the name.


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