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Star of Destiny Tenkai Star
Illustration Hirooka Masaki
Gender Male
Race Human
Voice Noda Junko (Suikoden Tierkreis)

Atrie (アトリ, Atori) is a major character in Suikoden Tierkreis. Atrie is a Tenkai Star from another world in the Infinity who becomes friends with the hero.


Atrie is a young man who led a group of his own in a world of the Infinity as the Tenkai Star. Like his counterparts in other worlds, he too was fighting against the advances of the One King and the Perpetual Day.

In the past, he had talked and learned a great deal from the Nameless Hero of the 8th world. When that world was fused into the hero's, however, the surviving Gateway would take Atrie to this new world, where he met the hero. Feeling a connection between the Nameless Hero he knew and this new, young hero, Atrie would continue to visit occasionally, the two becoming good friends and comrades as they both fought against those whose supported the One King.

Eventually, he came to believe that the hero was in fact the son of the same Nameless Hero he had befriended in the past, explaining why he could not use the Gateway himself. Following the destruction of the One King, Atrie was able to meet with his friend one more time thanks to the power of the 108 Stars. The two would agree to meet in future despite the seeming impossibility, agreeing that nothing is predetermined.


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