Astrasia Royal Knights

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The Astrasia Royal Knights (アストラシア王室騎士団, Asutorashia Ōshitsu Kishi-Dan) is a military unit mentioned in Suikoden Tierkreis. They were the protectors of the Astrasian royal family.


The Royal Knights were an order sworn to protect the Astrasian royal family. They consisted of the highest quality sword wielders and were one of the strongest military units on the entire continent. They were unable to help Astrasia's fight against the Order of the One True Way, as they were cut off from the battle by a series of heavy landslides caused by the Order.

When Pharamond fell to the Order, the surviving knights would travel to the Magedom of Janam under the leadership of Princess Royal Chrodechild. There, they would take the name Blades of Night's Veil.

Once Astrasia was liberated and the One King defeated, the Royal Knights would arise once more, this time under the leadership of Meruvis.


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