Astral Conclusions

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Leknaat prepares to hand the Astral Conclusions over.
The Astral Conclusions (星見の結果, Hoshimi no Kekka, Stargazing Results) were a list of annual predictions made by Leknaat in her role as Seer of the Scarlet Moon Empire.

Leknaat stated that the Astral Conclusions were not fact but were merely the "flow" of events for the upcoming year that could be misinterpreted, mistaken or changed entirely by people[1]. Despite this, the readings were considered of importance to the Empire[2].

The Astral Conclusions were retrieved and delivered to the Imperial Guard[3]. The Astral Conclusions did not give any forewarning of the Gate Rune War which was soon to erupt as Leknaat felt panicking the Imperial government would serve no purpose.

It is unknown if Leknaat continued making predictions yearly for the Empire during the war prior to its fall.


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  2. "Take it easy, Pahn. Besides, the astrological results are very important for the Empire. It's not such a bad assignment." - Cleo (Suikoden)
  3. "Northeast of Gregminster lies the Magician's Island. Leknaat the Seer lives there. She has been commissioned to look into the stars. Go there and bring me her results." - Kraze Miles (Suikoden)