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Star of Destiny Chimou Star
Illustration Hirooka Masaki
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 25 (Suikoden Tierkreis)
From Magedom of Janam
Voice Suzumura Kenichi (Suikoden Tierkreis)

Asad (アスアド, Asuado) is a major character in Suikoden Tierkreis. Asad is the dutiful Captain of Janam's Second Mage Company. His in-game title is Ardent Crusader.


Asad's profile
“ Captain of Janam's Second Mage Company. Strong sense of justice, and great affinity for the Company and the Blades. ”

Asad was the Captain of the Magedom of Janam's Second Mage Company. He is a talented magician and leader with a strong sense of justice. He holds those with loyalty and rationality in high esteem.

It was because of these traits that Asad would become dissatisfied with Danash VIII's manipulation of the hero as well as his overtures towards Chrodechild. When both the hero and the Blades of Night's Veil decided to leave the service of Danash, Asad too would resign his position and join them.

As a military commander, he led units in both the battle of capture Fort Arc as well as in the siege on Cynas itself. Over the course of the war, his esteem towards Chrodechild began to change into more romantic inclinations but Asad would hesitate in sharing his feelings with the Commander of the Blades of Night's Veil.

Following the war, Asad would be appointed as the Commander-in-Chief of the Astrasia's Royal Mage Forces by Chrodechild. It is unknown if he was ever able to reveal his feelings to her.


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