Armes Western Marine Corps

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The Armes Western Marine Corps (アーメス新王国西海兵団, Āmesu Shin Ōkoku Saikai Heidan) is a military unit in Suikoden V.


The Western Marine Corps was traditionally led by the Valya family, a member of the Madra Clan, one of the more moderate factions in the New Armes Kingdom. In the past, the Western Marine Corps had engaged in skirmishes and battles against the navies of the Island Nations Federation.

During the Sun Rune War, Shula Valya served as the commander of the unit, assisted by Sharmista and Nifsara. The unit would arrive at Estrise, under orders to occupy the town, but would remain docked and treated the invasion as something more akin to a vacation. Rumours suggested that the Western Marine Corps was assigned primarily to watch over their counterparts in the Armes Southern Mountain Corps in order to dissuade any acts of slaughter in captured Falenan cities.

The Western Marine Corps would withdraw from Estrise without incident following the collapse of the New Armes/Godwin alliance.


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