Armes Southern Mountain Corps

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The Armes Southern Mountain Corps (アーメス新王国南岳兵団, Āmesu Shin Ōkoku Minamidake Heidan) is a military unit in Suikoden V.


The Southern Mountain Corps was traditionally led by the more hardline factions within the New Armes Kingdom. In the past, the unit had been frequently involved in clashes against the Queendom of Falena.

During the Sun Rune War, Maha Sparna served as the commander of the unit, with Jidan Guisu serving as her assistant. When New Armes allied with the Godwin Faction, the Southern Mountain Corps managed to take both Sable and Lordlake. Thanks to the strategies of Lucretia Merces, however, the unit was pushed back and Guisu would fall protecting Maha Sparna's retreat through Sable, across the New Armes border.

Nakula once served in the Southern Mountain Corps but deserted the group in order to seek his revenge against Sagiri in the Imperial City Recapture Army.


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