Armes Invasion

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The Armes Invasion (アーメス大侵攻, Āmesu Dai Shinkō, Great Armes Invasion) was a war between the Queendom of Falena and the New Armes Kingdom.


In SY 441, the New Armes Kingdom hoped to take advantage of the discord caused by Queen Falzrahm's bloody rise to power and unexpected death and launched an invasion of the Queendom of Falena, early in the reign of Queen Arshtat.

Although New Armes held the numerical advantage and dealt great damage to Falena's eastern lands, the efforts of Arshtat and Ferid, combined with the Queen's Knights and the skills of strategist Lucretia Merces, allow the Falenan forces to overcome these odds and push the New Armes forces out of the country.

In the aftermath, the King of New Armes who supported the invasion attempt would be deposed and the more moderate Jalat would ascend to the throne.


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