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Star of Destiny Chiraku Star

Annallee (Gensosuikogaiden Volume 1).png

Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 17 (Suikoden II)
Birth Year SY 444
From Holy Kingdom of Harmonia

Annallee (アンネリー, Annerī) is a character in Suikoden II and Gensosuikogaiden Volume 1. Annallee is a shy but talented singer in a band with Pico and Alberto.


“ Would you...Would you like to hear my song? ”

Annallee was originally from the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. Her parents were killed in a suspicious incident in her childhood, leaving her distant and unable to open her heart to others.

At some point, she would travel to Muse City to visit a friend. Meeting Pico and Alberto there, she would gradually regain her vitality and energy thanks to the music the duo would perform together. Naturally gifted with a beautiful voice, she would begin to sing along with their performances before deciding to follow a career as a singer.

When Muse City fell early in the Dunan Unification War, Annallee and her friends became scattered. Ending up in South Window City, she would meet the leader of the New State Army. Drawn by his kindness, Annallee would agree to join the force. As the war continued, she would be reunited with her friends. As part of the New State Army, Annallee would perform to improve the morale of the soldiers. Even of the field of battle, her singing could provide great encouragement, a particularly talented ability.

Following the war, Annallee would continue to travel with Alberto and Pico, sharing her beautiful singing voice wherever she went.

Game info

Annallee (portrait).png Recruitment Once your castle is at Level 3 and following plot events with Luca Blight, meet Annallee at South Window City's inn before talking to her again in the garden outside South Window's city hall.
War ATK DEF ATK+ DEF+ Skill 1 Skill 2
-- -- +0 +0 Encourage --



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