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Star of Destiny Chiman Star
Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 26
Birth Year SY 435 (Suikoden II)
From Island Nations

Amada (アマダ, Amada) is a character in Suikoden II. He is a sailor from the Island Nations who spent some time working in Radat Town during the Dunan Unification War.


“ What??? Am I too scary for ya? You look like a pretty tough kid, I thought you'd be up for it. ”

Amada worked in Radat Town, as part of the crew operating the sluice gate. As such, when the hero, Nanami and Apple needed the water level drained, it was Amada who refused them[1]. However, seeing the hero's determination, he agreed to lower the water level when defeated by him in a duel[2].

Following the establishment of the New State Army, he was one of two people considered to bring the hero and his party to Lakewest[3]. Amada requested a second duel with the hero and, once defeated, agreed to join the army[4].

Following the Dunan Unification War, Amada took control of a vessel and returned to the Island Nations[5].

Personality and Traits

Amada claimed to be born on the sea, and stated that the sea would be where he would die[6]. He also claimed to not be one for dry land[7].

Richmond noted Amada had a lot of confidence in his physical strength[8], which is what leads to his challenging Hero (Suikoden II) twice. His favourite breakfast is a big helping of fermented soy-beans on rice, in fact, it's claimed he can't wake up properly without it[9].

Game info

Amada (portrait).png Recruitment After being approached to travel to Two River City, talk to Amada at the Radat Town sluice gate and defeat him in a duel.
Info Level Type W Level Gender Size Range Anger Panic Fly
27 Spear 8 Male M M N 4 No
Weapon Level 1 Pine Oar Equipment Head Cap
Level 3 Oak Oar Body Kenpo
Level 9 Teak Oar Other Male
Rune slots Head Right Left
Never available Level 1 Never available
Elements Fire Water Earth Lightning Wind Holy Darkness Gate  ???
D E D D D D D E 2
Starting Equipment Head -- Other Cirashi-Zushi 5
Belt of Strength
Body Leather Coat
Shield Can't equip


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