Alison Barows

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Alison Barows
Unknown Female.png
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 49 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 400
Family Euram Barows (son)
Hiram Barows (son)
Luserina Barows (daughter)
Salum Barows (husband)
One unnamed daughter

Alison Barows (アリスン・バロウズ, Arisun Barōzu) is a background character in Suikoden V. She is the reclusive mother of both Euram and Luserina Barows.


Alison is the husband of Salum Barows, leader of the Barows Faction. She had four children and had lost one due to illness but ever since the death of Hiram, her eldest son, in the Falenan succession struggles she would isolate herself out of fear and despair in the Barows manor at Rainwall.

She would baby Euram throughout his childhood but following the fall of the Barows Faction in the Sun Rune War, would admonish Euram, helping him to overcome his confusion and childishness.

Following the war, she would aid both Euram and Luserina in their efforts in rebuilding Falena.


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