Albert Silverberg

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Albert Silverberg
Star of Destiny Chikai Star
Albert Silverberg (Gensosuikoden Card Stories).png
Illustration Chiyoko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 24 (Suikoden III)
Birth Year SY 452
Height 186cm (6'1") (Suikoden III)
Family Caesar Silverberg (brother)
George Silverberg (father)
Leon Silverberg (grandfather)

Albert Silverberg (アルベルト・シルバーバーグ, Aruberuto Shirubābāgu) is an antagonist in Suikoden III. Albert is the strategist of the Destroyers.


Albert's profile
“ He comes from the Silverberg family renowned for its strategists. Albert is Caesar's elder brother. ”

Albert is a member of renowned strategist family, the Silverbergs, and the brother of Caesar. He is known to be always calm, calculating and thoughtful.

He studied abroad in Harmonia and came to believe in the practical strategies of his grandfather, Leon. His goal could be said to be the ultimate result of this thought process; the unification of the world into a single nation. To accomplish this, he chose first to establish himself in Harmonia.

While in Crystal Valley, he met Luc and agreed to lend him his power. He was also able to introduce Luc to Yuber as Albert had learned the method of meeting Yuber from the notes of Leon. Together, the group, known as the Destroyers, planned to obtain the five elemental True Runes while gaining backing from the Harmonian Army. However, the advent of the Fire Bringer forced a change in plans and Albert distanced himself from the group as they forcibly removed the True Earth Rune from Sasarai.

With all five runes collected, Albert had already established himself as a major strategist in Harmonia and so he fed information about Luc's plans to Nash Clovis so that the plot could be thwarted. Since then, his whereabouts have been unknown, although it is said that while he continues to serve Harmonia, he is also working for a power on another continent under an assumed name.



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