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Star of Destiny Chiko Star
Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 21 (Suikoden IV)
23 (Suikoden Tactics)
Birth Year SY 287
Height 161cm (5'3") (Suikoden IV)
Voice Yamaguchi Kyoko (Suikoden Tactics)

Adrienne (アドリアンヌ, Adoriannu) is a supporting character in Suikoden IV who also appears in Suikoden Tactics. Adrienne is a neophyte blacksmith looking to improve her craft.


“ Are you doing it properly? Maintaining your weapons is important! ”

Adrienne was a young smith working towards becoming a full-fledged blacksmith. She worked for a time in the smithery at Middleport but would join the Island Liberation Navy in Obel after travelling there to purchase materials just before the Kooluk attack on the island. Her strong sense of responsibility, as well as her bright, positive personality, led her to apologise profusely to her master in Middleport for this.

As a blacksmith, she was talented, not only being able to temper and hone weapons but also able to use her talents to craft armour and other equipment out of raw ore. In fact, some armours only she was able to craft and a lot of the armour used during the Island Liberation War was of her hand.

Following the war, she was allowed to open a smithery in the Kingdom of Obel, preventing her from returning to her apprenticeship in Middleport. She made frequent use of the Quest Guild in Middleport to gather rare materials that she used to craft rare pieces of armor. After Kyril brought her the Legendary Hammer, she was able to hone weapons to perfection, a skill that Kyril and his group made plenty use of.


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