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Vincent de Boule

Vincent de Boule
Star of Destiny Chichin Star
Vincent de Boule (Suikoden).png
Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male/Unknown
Race Human
Age 31 (Suikoden)
34 (Suikoden II)
Birth Year SY 427
From Gregminster, Toran Republic

Vincent de Boule (ヴァンサン・ド・ブール, Vansan do Būru) is a character in Suikoden and Suikoden II who also makes a cameo in Gensosuikogaiden Volume 2. Vincent is an aristocrat prone to fanciful claims although his noble standing is called into question by some.



Vincent de Boule is a pale, slender man clad in an elaborate outfit befitting his nobility. In Suikoden, he wears a green tunic, embroidered with gold, with white underclothes. He also wears a red cape, white ruffle and knee-high green, gold embroidered boots.

In Suikoden II, his outfit is even more extravagant. His green outfit now consisting of puff shoulders, green and silver striped pantaloons, a large red ribbon around the waist and golden ribbons and bows tied around his white leggings and green shoes. He also wore a half-cape, emblazoned with a rose, over his right arm.


Vincent de Boule
“ What I'm trying to tell you is that you have the honor of being owed money by me for a little while. ”
Vincent (second from the right) enjoys tea with Milich, Simone and Esmeralda.
Vincent always carried himself with poise and was rarely seen without a rose in his hand. His eccentric tone gave him a generally elusive air. Some of his actions during the Gate Rune War, such as his running out on bills and imprisonment led some to believe he was a fraudulent or self-proclaimed noble but both his inheritance and the investigations of Richmond would confirm that prior to the collapse of the Scarlet Moon Empire, he was indeed a nobleman of the state.

As a nobleman of the Scarlet Moon Empire, he was very much a soul mate of other aristocratic-inclined individuals such as Simone Verdricci, Milich Oppenheimer and Esmeralda and often took tea and chatted with them. However, it was not only people similar in manners to him who Vincent could consider a soul mate. As well as declaring McDohl a dear friend for rescuing him during the Gate Rune War, he would later consider the leader of the New State Army his bosom friend, for aiding Simone during the Dunan Unification War. Although it may seem like Vincent dispensed this title freely, he did not, in fact, devote himself lightly. He merely had several close friends whom he held a sincere respect for. His faith in such true friends, therefore, is not shaken easily and he is sure not to betray such friendships.

During the Gate Rune War, he would spend much of his time with Milich and Esmeralda, the atmosphere for their time together completely removed from the stresses of war. During the Dunan Unification War, he would spend his time with Simone.


Vincent was first encountered in Antei, trying to charm his way out of paying for his meal.
Vincent de Boule was a member of the Scarlet Moon Empire aristocracy. He was very much a natural noble, enjoying poetic conversations, hosting elegant tea parties and always making sure to be at the cutting edge of aristocratic fashion.

During the Gate Rune War, he first encountered the Toran Liberation Army in Antei, where he skipped out on a meal due to a claimed lack of money. He would encounter the group again at the entrance to the Dragon's Den, where he showed them a secret entrance to the guarded cave. He would later be imprisoned in Moravia and when rescued he would immediately join the Toran Liberation Army, discarding his noble status and joyfully embracing its leader as a true friend.

Although a noble, he lost his title after the Gate Rune War, when the new Toran Republic abolished the Scarlet Moon nobility. Vincent was still entitled to return home and receive his inheritance, however. After that, he would use his funds to study abroad, travelling around the world. A month before arriving in the City-State of Jowston, he would meet and become swift friends with Simone Verdricci.

In Radat Town, Vincent searched for his dear friend, Simone.
As the Dunan Unification War raged, he would join the New State Army after hearing how its leader had helped Simone recover the Rose Brooch Vincent had given him, although he would gently admonish Simone for thinking their friendship could be broken so easily by a lost trinket.

Following the war, he intended to continue his studies in the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. Along the way, he would stop to enjoy himself with his aristocratic friends. Nash Latkje would find himself in the middle of one of these tea parties unexpectedly, thanks to a mishap from Viki, although the intrusion did little to upset the civilised atmosphere.

Some time later, around the year 469, Vincent would hold a beauty contest where he would award Augustine Nabor with a Rose Brooch and the two gentlemen became "dear friends".

Name and Weapon

Vincent is a male name derived from Vincentius (from the present participle of the Latin verb vincere, "to conquer or win"). His Japanese name does not use the standard katakana for Vincent (ヴィンセント, Vuinsento) instead using Vansan (ヴァンサン). This is presumably to emphasise the French accented nature of his name. Boule, meanwhile, is the French word for ball or bowl, and as a surname would have historically been used by people involved in the manufacturing of the same. Finally, "de" is a particle preceding a nom de terre in many French noble families.

In battle, Vincent wields a rapier named "Enchante" (アンシャンテ, Anshante), a French term meaning "nice to meet you" or more literally, "enchanted". The correct transcription would be enchanté, with an accent on the last e. This upgrades to "Savat" (サ・ヴァ, Sa Vua), a erroneous localisation of the French word "Ça va", meaning "it goes", usually used as "(Comment) ça va", meaning "How's it going/How are you?" and as a response meaning "I'm ok.". Its final upgrade is "Felicitation" (フェリシタシオン, Ferishitashion), a form of congratulations and expression of good wishes.


Vincent's theme is the song "Theme of Narcissism". He shares this theme with Milich Oppenheimer. It is song 28 on disc 1 of the official Suikoden Original Game Soundtrack.

In Suikoden II, the song is remixed as "Theme of Narcissism Again". He shares this theme with fellow narcissist Simone Verdricci. It is song 4 on disc 2 of box 1 of the Suikoden II Original Game Soundtrack.

Game info


Vincent de Boule (portrait).png Recruit Following the rescue of Viktor and Warren return to the jail-cell on the top floor of Moravia and talk to Vincent inside the cell.
War Name Type Soldiers Lead ATK Sub ATK
Narcists Charge 5 10 1

Suikoden II

Vincent de Boule (Suikoden II portrait).png Recruitment Once your castle is at Level 4, talk to Vincent in the southwestern corner of Radat Town's sluice gate with Simone in your party.
Info Level Type W Level Gender Size Range Anger Panic Fly
49 1H sword 10 Unknown M S N 3 No
Weapon Level 1 Enchante Equipment Head Cap
Level 5 Savat Body Light armour
Level 11 Felicitation Other Narcissist
Rune slots Head Right Left
Never available Level 1/Wind Rune Never available
Elements Fire Water Earth Lightning Wind Holy Darkness Gate  ???
D E D F D D D E 3
Starting Equipment Head Feathered Hat Other Rose Brooch Lock.png
Potato Pudding 6
Blue Ribbon
Body Scale Mail
Shield Mangosh



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