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True Earth Rune

True Earth Rune
真なる土の紋章 Shin naru Tsuchi no Monshō
True Earth Rune.png
Type True Rune

The True Earth Rune (真なる土の紋章, Shin naru Tsuchi no Monshō) is one of the 27 True Runes. It is the rune of Sasarai and it appears in Suikoden III.


The True Earth Rune is one of the five elemental True Runes and governs the earth and soil. The rune was borne by Sasarai, Bishop of the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. Just like Luc, Sasarai was created as a duplicate of Hikusaak in order to bear the True Earth Rune already in his possession.

During the War of the Champions, Luc would remove the rune from Sasarai as part of his plan to destroy the True Wind Rune but Sasarai would regain it at the Ceremonial Site prior to the final confrontation with Luc.


True Earth Rune.png
True Earth Rune (真なる土の紋章, Shin naru Tsuchi no Monshō)

1 Guardian Earth
Earth MGC. Cures all status and field effects.
2 Earthquake
Earth MGC. 800 DMG to non-flyers.
3 Canopy Defense
Earth MGC. Protects allies from magic attack for once.
4 Land of Eternity
Earth MGC. 1400 DMG to non-flyers.
Cost 0 Potch
Drops No enemy drops this rune.
Equipped Sasarai (plot event, Chapter 5)
Found No location in-game contains this rune.
Sold No store in-game sells this rune.


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