Suikoden Tierkreis

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Suikoden Tierkreis
幻想水滸伝 ティアクライス Gensōsuikoden Teiakuraisu
Suikoden Tierkreis cover art.png
Nintendo DS Japanese cover art
Developer Konami
Released Nintendo DS
Japan.gif December 18, 2008
European Union.gif March 13, 2009
Template:GER March 12, 2009
United States.gif March 17, 2009
Australia.gif March 26, 2009
Korea.gif July 16, 2009
Platforms Nintendo DS
Sales Nintendo DS
Japan.gif 155,777
Predecessor Gensosuikoden I&II
Successor Gensosuikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki
Suikoden Tierkreis (幻想水滸伝 ティアクライス, Gensōsuikoden Teiakuraisu) is the eleventh game of the Suikoden video game series and the first game to explicitly take place outside of the continuity of the previous games. It was designed and released for the Nintendo DS.

It tells the story of the struggles of the regions peoples against the Order of the One True Way, a quasi-religious organisation orchestrating the return of the One King, who wishes to merge all worlds into one unchanging world, devoid of time and meaning through the Perpetual Day.

In Japan, the game also saw the release of a spin-off title that was only released for mobile devices, Gensosuikoden Tierkreis Hoshikuzu no Shiro.


Tierkreis is German, meaning zodiac. This is a reference to the twelve False Chronicles which play a crucial role in the plot of the game. Also, lots of names of characters and places are of German origin (e.g. Tsaubern, Buchse, United Kingdom of Ritterschild).

Cover artwork

The Japanese, Korean and European (with the exception of Germany) versions of the game use the same artwork. In contrast to the Suikoden main titles which depict a huge selection of the cast on the front cover, only the main group consisting of the hero, Liu, Marica, Jale and Dirk is shown. The group is standing in front of what seems to be Fleseria Forest. The same artwork is used for the cover of the Gensosuikoden Tierkreis Official Standard Guide. The US cover is slightly different, using different poses for the characters and lacking Dirk, and is also set on a different background (presumably the Gateway in the Fortress Ruins). The German version features a different cover, with only the hero set against the background of the Citro Plains.