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Suikoden (幻想水滸伝, Gensōsuikoden) is a series of role-playing games published by Konami. The series dates back to the Sony PlayStation. Several games in the series were released exclusively in Japan or received curtailed international releases. Each game in the series includes numerous playable characters, each with their own backstories and personalities.


Sony PlayStation

The Suikoden series first began with the release of Suikoden for the Sony PlayStation on December 15, 1995. It was developed by Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo. Release early in the PlayStation's life cycle, it sold well due in part of a lack of competing RPGs on the new system.

The second game in the series, Suikoden II was released on December 17, 1998. The game met with great acclaim in Japan and overseas and spawned no less than three spin-off titles: Gensosuikoden Card Stories, based on the series-based trading card game,Gensosuikogaiden Volume 1 and Gensosuikogaiden Volume 2.

Sony PlayStation 2

2002 saw the release of Suikoden III, the first 3D entry of the series. Although it sold and reviewed well, series producer Murayama Yoshitaka would leave the team at the end of development. Kawano Junko would replace him as lead for 2004's Suikoden IV as well as its 2005 spin-off, Suikoden Tactics.

Suikoden V was released in 2006 but despite positive reviews, failed to match previous sales numbers hit by Suikoden III and IV.

Nintendo DS and Sony PSP

The series first portable title came in 2005, with the release of Gensosuikoden I&II, a compilation of the first two games, being released for the PSP. In 2008, Suikoden Tierkreis was released for the Nintendo DS, abandoning the continuity built up by the previous games in favour of a new, independent setting. 2012 saw the release of Gensosuikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki, set in a third separate continuity, on the Sony PSP, which produced average reviews and disappointing sales.


Boxart English language title Original titles Release date(s) Notes
Suikoden cover art.png
Suikoden 幻想水滸伝
Sony PlayStation
Japan.gif December 15, 1995
United States.gif December 28, 1996
European Union.gif March, 1997
Australia.gif 1997
Sega Saturn
Japan.gif September 17, 1997
Windows 95
Japan.gif March 26, 1998
PlayStation Network
United States.gif December 23, 2008
European Union.gif February 4, 2015
The first game of the series, set in the Scarlet Moon Empire.
Suikoden II cover art.png
Suikoden II 幻想水滸伝 II
Gensōsuikoden II
Sony PlayStation
Japan.gif December 17, 1998
United States.gif September 29, 1999
European Union.gif July 28, 2000
Australia.gif 2000
Windows 95
China.gif 2003
PlayStation Network
United States.gif December 9, 2014
European Union.gif February 4, 2015
The second game of the series, set in the City-State of Jowston.
Gensosuikogaiden Volume 1 cover art.png
Gensosuikogaiden Volume 1 幻想水滸外伝Vol.1
Gensōsuikogaiden Vol.1
Sony PlayStation
Japan.gif September 21, 2000
The first side game of the series, following Nash Latkje during the events of Suikoden II.
Gensosuikogaiden Volume 2 cover art.png
Gensosuikogaiden Volume 2 幻想水滸外伝Vol.2
Gensōsuikogaiden Vol.2
Sony PlayStation
Japan.gif March 22, 2001
The second side game of the series, continuing the story of Nash Latkje as he returns to Harmonia.
Gensosuikoden Card Stories cover art.png
Gensosuikoden Card Stories 幻想水滸伝カードストーリーズ
Gensōsuikoden Kādosutōrīzu
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Japan.gif September 13, 2001
The third side game of the series, featuring the events of Suikoden II retold in card battle form.
Suikoden III cover art.png
Suikoden III 幻想水滸伝 III
Gensōsuikoden III
Sony PlayStation 2
Japan.gif July 11, 2002
United States.gif October 22, 2002
The third main game of the series, set in the Grassland and Zexen Federation.
Suikoden IV cover art.png
Suikoden IV 幻想水滸伝 IV
Gensōsuikoden IV
Sony PlayStation 2
Japan.gif August 19, 2004
United States.gif January 11, 2005
European Union.gif February 25, 2005
Australia.gif February 25, 2005
The fourth main game of the series. First "prequel" title, set before the first Suikoden. Set in the Island Nations.
Suikoden Tactics cover art.png
Suikoden Tactics ラプソディア
Sony PlayStation 2
Japan.gif September 22, 2005
United States.gif November 8, 2005
European Union.gif February 24, 2006
Australia.gif 2006
The fourth side game of the series, serving as both prequel and sequel companion game to Suikoden IV.
Suikoden V cover art.png
Suikoden V 幻想水滸伝 V
Gensōsuikoden V
Sony PlayStation 2
Japan.gif February 23, 2006
United States.gif March 21, 2006
European Union.gif September 22, 2006
Australia.gif October 10, 2006
The fifth main game of the series. Second "prequel" title, set before the first Suikoden. Last title set in the "main" Suikoden continuity. Set in the Queendom of Falena.
Gensosuikoden I&II cover art.png
Gensosuikoden I&II 幻想水滸伝I&II
Gensōsuikoden I&II
Sony PSP
Japan.gif February 23, 2006
First compliation game in the series. Features remastered versions of Suikoden and Suikoden II.
Suikoden Tierkreis cover art.png
Suikoden Tierkreis 幻想水滸伝 ティアクライス
Gensōsuikoden Teiakuraisu
Nintendo DS
Japan.gif December 18, 2008
European Union.gif March 13, 2009
United States.gif March 17, 2009
Australia.gif March 26, 2009
Korea.gif July 16, 2009
Eleventh game in the series. First game in the series unattached to the "main" continuity.
Gensosuikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki cover art.png
Gensosuikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki 幻想水滸伝 紡がれし百年の時
Gensōsuikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki
Sony PSP
Japan.gif February 9, 2012
Twelfth game in the series. Second game in the series unattached to the "main" continuity or the continuity of Tierkreis.