Nay-Kobold Settlement

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The Nay-Kobold Settlement (ネコボルトの集落, Nekoborudo no Shūraku) is a location which appears in Suikoden IV. It is an Nay-Kobold settlement located on Nay Island.


The Nay-Kobold settlement on Nay Island lay across the Suspension Bridge, across from the Stonecutter's Field which separated the Nay-Kobold settlement from the human village. The buildings in this settlement were all uniquely shaped like cats and had many facilities such as hot springs and trading posts. The colourful buildings reflected the aesthetic tastes of the Nay-Kobold villagers.

Despite these attractions, it seems that humans rarely visited the settlement. Bartholomew chose to hide out there when the Kooluk Empire were hunting him, for example.


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