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Unknown Male.png
Gender Male
Family Luc ("son")
Sasarai ("son")

Hikusaak (ヒクサク, Hikusaku) is a character mentioned and referenced in Suikoden II, Gensosuikogaiden Volume 2 and Suikoden III. He is also mentioned in background supplements for the original Suikoden. He is purportedly the leader of the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia.


Hikusaak is the founder of the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia and bearer of one of the 27 True Runes, the Circle Rune. As High Priest, he is the highest authority within all of Harmonia. However, he has not appeared in public for decades, sparking rumours as to his death despite the eternal life granted by possessing a True Rune, but any further details into the situation are unknown. He is known as the "One Who is Absolute".

In his quest to obtain all 27 True Runes, Hikusaak has instigated many wars and invasions over a period of almost 500 years. In recent years, he has also created duplicates of himself in order to contain individual True Runes and keep them under his control. Luc and Sasarai are two such examples of these duplicates.


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