Gensosuikogaiden Volume 2

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Gensosuikogaiden Volume 2
Duel at Crystal Valley

幻想水滸外伝Vol.2 クリスタルバレーの決闘 Gensōsuikogaiden Vol.2 Kurisutaru Barē no Kettō
Gensosuikogaiden Volume 2 cover art.png
PlayStation Japanese cover art
Developer KCE Tokyo
Released Sony PlayStation
Japan.gif March 22, 2001
Platforms Sony PlayStation
Sales Sony PlayStation
Japan.gif 41,366
Predecessor Gensosuikogaiden Volume 1
Successor Gensosuikoden Card Stories
Gensosuikogaiden Volume 2 (幻想水滸外伝Vol.2, Gensōsuikogaiden Vol.2), subtitled Duel at Crystal Valley (クリスタルバレーの決闘, Kurisutaru Barē no Kettō), is the fifth instalment of the Suikoden video game series as well as the second side-game of the franchise. The title was designed and released for the Sony PlayStation.

This second volume continues the story of Nash Latkje who has now abandoned his mission in the City-State of Jowston, following an encounter with Zaj Quiroz, the man who destroyed his family. This volume deals with Nash's return to his home in Harmonia and takes place shortly after the end of the events of Suikoden II.


Gameplay wise, Gensosuikogaiden Volume 2 is identical to its predecessor. It is a visual novel game in which static images and text boxes portray the events to the player. Often the player will be given dialogue choices which will have an effect on the players Luck Points (LP), depending on the response chosen. Depending on the amount of LP the player holds, new dialogue options and story paths will become available. The game takes place across four chapters, although there are two chapter 3s. Which one the player undertakes depends on his actions in the previous two chapters.

Plot Overview

Nash Latkje begins his journey back to his base to report on his mission from the previous game. In the Grassland village of Milit, he helps defeat a fake Flame Champion and his thugs who style themselves as the Fire Bringer. Eventually he returns to Caleria, the base of operations for the Harmonian Southern Frontier Defense Force where he is imprisoned as part of a plot of Zaj Quiroz. He escapes with the aid of his aunt, Lena Suphina, and depending on the actions of the player, either encounters Meg, Millie and Viki, being dragged into their misadventures or he ends up helping Futch, Humphrey, Oulan and Sheena defend a small village from a rogue dragon.

Eventually, Nash returns to Crystal Valley, capital of Harmonia where he encounters Zaj and the truth of how the Latkje family was torn apart is revealed to his estranged sister Julie. Nash defeats Zaj in a heated battle but declines to stay with his sister and aunt afterwards, continuing his journey as a vagabond.