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Gensosuikoden I&II

Gensosuikoden I&II
幻想水滸伝I&II Gensōsuikoden I&II
Gensosuikoden I&II cover art.png
Sony PSP Japanese cover art
Developer Konami
Released Sony PSP
Japan.gif February 23, 2006
Platforms Sony PSP
Sales Sony PSP
Japan.gif 36,871
Predecessor Suikoden V
Successor Suikoden Tierkreis
Gensosuikoden I&II (幻想水滸伝I&II, Gensōsuikoden I&II) is the ninth (and tenth) game of the Suikoden video game series as it was released on the same day as Suikoden V in Japan. It was designed and released for the Sony PSP.

Gensosuikoden I&II is a compilation of the first two Suikoden games with minor adjustments, more prominent in the first Suikoden as well as being adapted for the wide-screen presentation of the PSP.