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28 August 2015
John Layfield, the administrator of the Gensopedia, was interviewed for the Suikoden Revival Movement's Suikofans feature: read it here!
23 August 2015
Matze, of the Suikoden Revival Movement, discusses the chance of a Suikoden announcement at the upcoming Tokyo Games Show in an article on the SRM website, read it here.
22 August 2015
Geeks Under Grace, a Christian gaming website, wrote an article which discusses viewing the first Suikoden game through a Christian perspective. Check it out here.
21 August 2015
The Suikoden Revival Movement's Riley Crane has written an article on why you should be playing Suikoden III. If you're not convinced, why not check it out?
18 August 2015
Konami has released a survey asking for opinions on classic game series they produce, including Suikoden! Let your voice be heard here!
9 August 2015
Kotaku's Jason Schrier has written an article telling you why you should be playing Suikoden II. I'm sure you already agree, but it wouldn't hurt to check it out.